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Persimmon Creek Farms

In today’s economy, we as consumers have to be increasingly concerned about our food due to the risks associated with E. coli, Downer cows, Mad Cow, Animal Welfare, etc.

The only real way to feel confident in the safety of our food is to know the farmer and ask the right questions.  Are hormones or antibiotics used?  Are animal byproducts used in the feed?  Are the animals treated humanely? 

At Persimmon Creek Farms I treat my animals with the best care possible.   I take pride in the fact that I do not use any hormones, antibiotics, steroids, animal byproducts, or growth promoters of any kind.  I can personally guarantee the living conditions and nutritional program because all of the animals are born and raised on this farm and never leave my care.  

Why buy poor quality overpriced beef in the supermarket when you can buy high quality locally raised all natural beef from Persimmon Creek Farms?

I want to be your farmer.   Please contact us with any questions you might have and I promise to answer them with the utmost integrity.



Matt Cole

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